New Residential Portal on website – OPEN!!!

Dear Embassy Lakes Neighbors,

We are ecstatic to introduce our new resident website.  We feel you will enjoy browsing the website, utilizing the public side of the website and getting to know the residential portal. The platform will prove to be efficient as well as a great communication tool.

You will be able to do almost everything at home or via your device and not need to go into the Management Office. You can order gate access devices, pay your Association dues and other fees, complete your Architectural Control Committee forms, request a date to reserve the Clubhouse/Cabana and communicate with the Management team by submitting work orders for items such as sidewalk repair or other common area needs.

The steps to begin utilizing the new site are:

  1. Log onto
  2. Click login
  3. Follow prompts
  4. You will receive an invitation, once address is verified, with a log on and password, which you are welcome to change to meet your needs. If you do not receive an invite, please check your spam or junk mail. Feel free to also send an email to [email protected]
  5. Begin using and exploring features
  6. Go to your App store for your device – android, iPhone or tablet and upload the App. Look for Frontsteps . Once you receive your log in and password you can also do everything on the App.

Be sure to opt in to receive emails and SMS (text) messages, once you log in and create your profile. This is a great way to know what is happening in the community or any urgent messages conveyed.

In exploring the site – please keep in mind that any violations prior to this month are not on your account.

In order to pay the Association dues, we encourage you to go paperless and your account will be updated immediately upon payment. If you already utilize a bill pay service, note that a check still gets cut from your bank and takes a number of days to be received in the office. By Utilizing this sites bill pay, it is free and instantaneous, where NO physical check is cut by your bank also NEVER handled. It is secure and all that is needed is your bank’s routing number (found on the bottom of your checks).
The routing number are those numbers listed on the left side, and the account number are those listed on the right side. There are two additional ways you may wish to pay. You can pay by debit card. If you use a debit card, please note there is a $4.95/transaction fee charged by the third party bill service. You may wish to prepay your dues as there is only a $4.95 fee. You may also wish to pay by credit card. All cards are accepted by the third party bill service. If you chose this manner, please note there is a 3.5% fee charged by the company.

  • ACH – immediate checking bill pay FREE
  • Debit card – $4.95/transaction
  • Credit card – 3.5% fee

At this time if you are paying Embassy Courts Association dues in addition to Embassy Lakes, it is not yet available and should be coming soon. You can pay your Embassy Lakes portion.

Many residents use our Embassy Lakes Master Owner’s Association Facebook page. This is the ONLY official page and will continue to utilize but some aspects will have items moved from it to the residential portal, such as committee and board minutes. Additionally, the public website piece will have bulletins moved to the residential portal side of the site as well.

All residents will be able to be added to the residential portal. Homeowners and tenants are all welcome. The Facebook page will also now permit tenants, once address is verified.

New features will be added in the near future. Among those, there will be another portal to manage your guests and vendors. We are working with the gate access vendor and know you will be very excited about this technology as well.

Feel free to contact the Management Office if you need technical assistance with the website or App or come into the office where you can use our tablet and we will show you how to get started. We just ask for patience as we are learning right along with you.

Thank you and looking forward to getting the community started.

Please feel free to contact the Management Office for any issues you may experience or would like assistance in working through the site. We will help you the best we can, as we are learning right along with you.

Embassy Lakes Board of Director’s and Atlantis Management Team

UPDATE – if you are unable to create a log in, please email management your name, address, email and a primary cell phone number and we can manually add you to the system.