New Guardhouse Construction – Beginning April 29 – Detours and Gate Closed


Embassy Lakes is in the process of replacing its 3 guardhouses. The replacement project is expected to take approximately a year and a half.

Construction began on Monday April 29th, 2019.

The Hiatus gate will be constructed first.

There will be NO vehicle or pedestrian traffic permitted for several months.

The Sheridan and Stirling gates will have additional guards as needed and portable devices to assist with access control for access. Please notify your guests that they will need to follow the directions of the guards and to please be patient during this process. It would be helpful if you know you are expecting a guest, to notify the voicemail system at 954-436-6818 to help in expediting the process. 

Broward County Schools Transportation Department have been notified and their may be changes in routes if your child’s bus utilized the Hiatus entrance.

Emergency services have been notified.

If you utilize a private transportation service or company, it is up to you to notify them of any changes.

The Stirling gate construction will follow. When construction begins at this gate, pedestrian access will be detoured to the east sidewalk (towards the private preschool). This will assist those high school students who do not ride a bus, as well as the religious community who walk to the local synagogue. Sheridan gate pedestrian access will also be addressed to facilitate walkers and bikers to Embassy Creek Elementary School.

As information becomes available, we will continue to update here as well as our official Facebook page. The link is located at the bottom of each page. 

Here is a rendering of the new construction and design that has been approved by the community and the Board of Directors.

Detours and delays are anticipated. Please be patient.

Thank you